Acknowledgement sample letter for OJT (On the Job Training)

Acknowledgement sample letter for OJT (On the Job Training)

Dear Sir / Madam:

I would like to convey my gratefulness to you and your colleagues for the excellent OJT which I have undergone in your company. The skills and knowledge which I have gained throughout my practical training I perceive as very valuable component in my future career development. As you know this OJP was part of my educational curricula and therefore I have to thank you for providing me this opportunity.

I would especially like to thank Mr. Name Surname, Mr. Name Surname for their generous support, coaching and companionship during my OJT. I shared their expertise with me very generously and I have learned a lot from them. My thanks and appreciation also to your HR staff mainly Ms. Name Surname for willing to help us, and above all to your good companionship.

Thank you once again for your great support in the successful completion of my OJT.