Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter sample

In this article we are about to provide sample acknowledgement letter following submission of resignation letter. This letter acknowledges receipt of resignation of an employee, and more precisely defines terms and conditions set against employee concerning his intention to leave the company.




Name and Surname of an employee


Ref: Resignation letter from DD/MM/YYYY


Dear Ms/Mr_______



This letter is intended to acknowledge the receipt of your resignation letter, from DD/MM/YYYY, and to confirm that your last working day is set for DD/MM/YYYY, after offsetting your outstanding leave days. We are glad that all your assignments have been completed or duly handed over to your colleagues. We have also received your clearance form that has the essential signatures of the various department heads.


Please ensure that your company identification card and company phone are handed over to the HR department by the end of your last working day with us. If you consider having any finances due to you, You may contact the Accounts Department for clearance.


We highly appreciate that you informed us with sufficient notice to organize the transfer of your responsibilities to the new colleague. Bearing in mind our successful cooperation during the time you spent with our company we will convey reference letter in due time.


We wish you all the best in your career.


Yours sincerely



Name Surname

HR Department