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Dear Ms. Mr. [Last Name]

With this letter we hereby acknowledge receipt of your resume. We highly appreciate your interest to work in [NAME] Company. Our HR experts have assessed your application, and noted your impressive educational and professional background. Hence, at the moment there are no openings suitable for your career profile. As you probably noted on our website [NAME] Company does not accept unsolicited applications. However, we anticipate in line with current business growth we might have an opening in January that might suit your professional background.

Please note that [NAME] company does not keep records of submitted resumes, and unsolicited applications are being destroyed. Therefore we advise you to constantly follow career section of our website for new openings. Once position you find interesting is open, feel free to submit your resume, along with application letter.

Once again we would like to thank you for a shown interest to work with us.


Name Surname

HR Manager

[NAME] Company