Sample acknowledgement for Chemistry Project

Many of you have asked us to provide them samples of acknowledgement for a chemistry project. In the most of the schools now, it is required to include acknowledgement with project paper, and it became standard.

So what to include in the acknowledgement for chemistry project? Most likely, you are required to acknowledge work and contributions of all the persons who helped you in the projects, like chemistry teacher, lab assistant, school, colleagues, family and friends, etc.

For a chemistry school project, unless it embraced some more comprehensive research, you should limit you acknowledgement to few sentences only. In a case your chemistry project required more serious research, and therefore you have involved more people in the project acknowledgement should be longer.

Please use the samples provided below as a guidance to draft you own, and do not copy it. Do not forget to thank to everyone who helped you in the project implementation!

Acknowledgement for chemistry project Sample 1

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my chemistry teacher – Ms. Van Dijk, for encouraging and guiding me in my project and for providing valuable suggestions.  I am also grateful to our lab assistant, Mr Smith who has helped me with the setup for the project and gave practical insight.

I would also like to thank my parents for their generous support throughout my schooling.

This project would not have come so far without support from the people I mentioned before. I’m indebted to you all.

I believe that this small project will make a significant impact by inspiring someone else to continue my research.

Thank you!


Acknowledgement for chemistry project Sample 2

I would like to express my greatest appreciation to the all individuals who have helped and supported me throughout the project. I am thankful to my chemistry teacher for her ongoing support during the project, from initial advice, and provision of contacts in the first stages through ongoing advice and encouragement, which led to the final report of this chemistry project.

A special acknowledgement goes to my colleagues who helped me in completing the project by exchanging interesting ideas and sharing their experience.

I wish to thank my parents as well for their undivided support and interest who inspired me and encouraged me to go my own way, without whom I would be unable to complete my project.

At the end, I want to thank my friends who displayed appreciation to my work and motivated me to continue my work.

Thank you!