Acknowledging a job offer

Good business practice envisages that you acknowledge a written job offer, even though you are not certain to accept or decline it. In order to respond have a careful look at the offer letter.

Response can be either written via e-mail or letter, or verbal in communication with employer.


What should you remember?


• Acknowledge of job offer and show gratitude for being the chosen one.

•  If the offered terms are not clear or you do not understand them, ask for a clarification

•  Respond within proposed timeline, if deadline is envisaged.

• If you are not interested for job offer try to recommend someone whom you know

• If you decide to decline offer state clear rationale


A wise employer will know that you may be considering various employment offers and need to make a deliberative decision, since you may need to compare the offer to another pending offer. Therefore he will be aware that you have to make hard decision and to balance between several options. Strive to maintain good and healthy business relations, because sometime in the future you may need him.


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