Disseration acknowledgement sample

Writing a Dissertation Acknowledgements has always been an fascinating process. The most of the student questions themselves why should anyone else be quoted within acknowledgments if they did the most of efforts to write that piece of paper. Although your colleagues are likely to support this rationale, it is inevitably that there is still a couple of people who helped in dissertation writing process.

How to write this dissertation acknowledgement? One of the easiest ways is to copy some our example (we can call it also template) provided below and to put your own people into it.



 I would like to express the deepest appreciation to my committee chair Professor _________, who has shown the attitude and the substance of a genius: he continually and persuasively conveyed a spirit of adventure in regard to research and scholarship, and an excitement in regard to teaching. Without his supervision and constant help this dissertation would not have been possible.


    I would like to thank my committee members, Professor _______ and Professor _______, whose work demonstrated to me that concern for global affairs supported by an “engagement” in comparative literature and modern technology, should always transcend academia and provide a quest for our times.

    In addition, a thank you to Professor _________, who introduced me to Linguistics, and whose passion for the “underlying structures” had lasting effect. I thank the University of _______ for consent to include copyrighted pictures as a part of my dissertation. I also thank ___ Press for permission to include Chapter 5 of my dissertation, which was originally published in ____ Journal. I also want to thank to _______ Foundation for their financial support granted through predoctoral fellowship.


Source: Dissertation-ideas