Acknowledgements writing guidelines

Acknowledgements page is in the most cases at the beginning of a Thesis / Report, included just after the Contents.


Purpose of acknowledgements page is to show appreciation to those who contributed in conducting research / other tasks and duties related to the thesis writing.


Therefore when writing acknowledgements page you should carefully consider everyone who helped during research process and show appreciation in the order of relevance. In this regard it is suitable to show appreciation in brief manner instead of using strong emotional phrases. In this part of your work it is normal to use personal pronouns like “I, my, me” while in the rest of the paper this articulation is not recommended. Even when acknowledging family members and friends make sure of using the wording of a relatively formal register.




Please find below the list of the persons you should acknowledged:


  1. Supervisors (main and second)
  2. Academic staff in your department
  3. Technical staff
  4. Academic staff
  5. Colleagues
  6. Institutions and organization
  7. Companies
  8. Family and friends



Note however that different projects require different resources and therefore you should adjust your list of acknowledged persons.