How to write acknowledgement letter ?

In this article we will give you brief instructions on how to write acknowledgement letter. As you will see in the text below acknowledgement letter is a formal letter acknowledging receipt of the document or goods. It can also refer to a meeting or phone conversation you had before with someone, and in that case acknowledgement letter confirms the facts which have been agreed or discussed, advising both parties on future actions.

What is acknowledgement letter?

Acknowledgment letters are actually letters of receipt. They are usually very short, mainly serving the legal purposes to confirm the receipt of certain document or good. Based on the document they refer to we can distinguish several types of acknowledgement letters, such as:

  1. CV / Application acknowledgement letter, confirming the receipt of professional resume, and / or application file for certain position;
  2. Acknowledgement of resignation, which serves to confirm acceptance of an employee resignation letter;
  3. Business acknowledgement letter, acknowledging receipt of certain document or good.

What is the importance of acknowledgement letter?

In business practice, acknowledgement letters play an important role as they indicate the date when certain documents or goods are received. This is important because they serve as prove that one party has met its obligations as stipulated with a contract. Therefore they are important because they can help you build good trust and cooperation with business partners.

Whenever your company receives any kind of business document from whomsoever, it becomes important on your part to send a letter of acknowledgment in return.

Layout of acknowledgement letter?

In the letter header you should include Name and addresses of your company and recipient. Below you should put the date when the letter is being sent/written.

Subject should state acknowledgement of receipt of certain document / good, or reference number of the order or application.

Main part of the letter should state confirmation of the receipt, followed with exact date of receipt, and information whether documents / goods are received in good order. If the goods are damaged or inappropriate, this is the place where you should state it.

Next and last paragraph should inform recipient on the future actions which are to be taken, such as date of payment, timeframe in which candidate will receive notification for job interview, etc.

In closing you should thank to the recipient and use proper greeting.

Please note that automatic acknowledgement letters usually do not contain personal signature.

Important phrases to be used in writing acknowledgement letters

Usually acknowledgement letters use very similar wording, such as:

  1. Company is acknowledging receipt of the following documents:
  2. I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the following document / s:
  3. I am writing to confirm the receipt of:
  4. We wish to thank you for sending us (quotation, goods, documents etc.)
  5. I am writing in reference to our telephone conversation to confirm the …
  6. We received your return shipment of (product name(s))


Is there a universal template of the acknowledgement letter?

Yes, fortunately there is one we have published before on our blog. Feel free to download it and adjust it according to your needs.