Example of acknowledgement for individual assignment

Many of you have asked us how to write an acknowledgement for assignment, especially for individual assignment, because we have already provided sample of acknowledgement for a group assignment. Therefore we have prepared you a genuine example of acknowledgement for individual assignment in as College.

This example of acknowledgement for individual assignment should serve you as a guideline in preparing your acknowledgement page.


In preparation of my assignment, I had to take the help and guidance of some respected persons, who deserve my deepest gratitude. As the completion of this assignment gave me much pleasure, I would like to show my gratitude Ms. Smith, Course Instructor, on Texas University for giving me a good guidelines for assignment throughout numerous consultations. I would also like to expand my gratitude to all those who have directly and indirectly guided me in writing this assignment.


In addition, a thank you to Professor JACKSON, who introduced me to the Methodology of work, and whose passion for the “underlying structures” had lasting effect? I also thank the University of Texas for consent to include copyrighted pictures as a part of my paper.

Many people, especially my classmates have made valuable comment suggestions on my paper which gave me an inspiration to improve the quality of the assignment.